by the sea - exhibition

'By the Sea' - Exhibition at Everyday Sunshine

With a long career as an environmental filmmaker, my art work has been deeply influenced by my experiences with nature itself. My passion for art and the themes I explore are evident in my use of gradients, skies, and human forms in this series ‘By The Sky’. My fascination with stereographs and the science of optics, as well as my early experiments with animation and film, have all contributed to the development of this work.

I have been drawn to the challenge of creating environmental films that do not leave the viewer feeling hopeless, and this theme has also found its way into my artwork. Inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘Monk by the Sea’ my paintings feature human figures dwarfed by vast skies and seas, and while there may be a sense of foreboding on the horizon, there is also a sense of strength and hope in the foreground.

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