JR - action diaries

I had the pleasure of working and traveling with renowned street artist JR between 2006 and 2010. These are some of the images i took during my time with him whilst making film pieces in Soweto, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Cartegena, London, Rio and Tunis.

I have a lot of respect for JR as an artist, he has true integrity. If you don't know his work please check it out here..


I documented his creations using various timelapse techniques in a series of short online pieces that were edited and uploaded often the same day. In the early days whilst trying to make shooting timelapse more exciting for me and the viewer, i came across some previously undiscovered moving timelapse techniques (now given the catchy but lame name of hyperlapse by the internet - thanks internet). You can track this discovery and evolution of this technique through lots of my other work but mainly culminating in the creation of this piece for JR from 2008.

and all of the short video pieces we made are here in JR's video archive if you're interested..