stu larsen - wide awake and dreaming

I love getting back to filmmaking basics and working with simple rules. This was a real pleasure to make. I collaborated with good friend and very talented actor, Aylin Tezel, for this one. We were super keen to make something together and Stu Larsen presented us with a great opportunity; he wanted a music video with Aylin’s performance front and center and the rest was up to us. So we used the small budget to hire an Amira and we set off with a simple idea and no hangers on.

The flexibility and freedom we had, allowed us to explore ideas and shoot in the moment only ever using available light. I don’t always think self shooting is right but in this situation it was everything.

So much of my work is about the environment and nature acting as a calming influence on the mind. Unexpectedly we found that feeling of escape and clarity in our working process. A breath of fresh air. :)


Director / Cinematographer / Editor - Anthony Dickenson 

Actor - Aylin Tezel

Colourist - Jack McGinity at Cheat