scorsby sund fjord - greenland

As part of a project for WWF, I had the opportunity to visit the Scorsby Sund Fjord system in Greenland. This remote location is home to the largest fjords in the world, with endless waterways fed by freshwater glaciers. However, the impact of climate change has been devastating in this region, with rising temperatures causing the glaciers to melt at an alarming rate. This not only has a impact on the local wildlife and ecosystem, but also on the people who rely on the glaciers for their way of life.

The scale of the icebergs in this region is truly breathtaking, and moving amongst them was an overwhelming and life-changing experience. Each iceberg seemed to possess its own distinct personality, as if they were ancient sentinels watching over the landscape. The power and beauty of these natural wonders left a lasting impression on me and I am grateful to have been able to photograph them whilst they are still here.