world animal protection - pig

World Animal Protection - The Thoughtful Pig

Factory Farming not only inflicts untold suffering on billions of animals worldwide, it also poses a serious threat to our own personal health and that of our planet.

Consuming less meat will not only help end animal cruelty, it will help save our planet.

Client: World Animal Protection
Global Head of Brand Engagement: Georgie Bradbury

Creative Agency/Production Co: All Mighty Pictures
Creative Director/Writer: Mark Harbour
Directed by Mark Harbour & Anthony Dickenson

Post Production/VFX: The Mill
Animation Director: Jorge Montiel Meurer
3D Lead: Margaux Huneau 2D Lead: Ruslan Borysov
Colourist: Katie Dymmock

Edit: The Assembly Rooms
Editor: Jack Williams

Sound Studio: String & Tins
Sound Designer: Kaspar Boyd