you are here @ I knock on your skin - exhibition

I created an instillation piece for a group exhibition in March 2022. 


SET Woolwich

25 March – 14 April 2022 

"Tragedy is in fact a small region of comedy space, which is twisted all the way through. Right now, ecological awareness presents itself as tragedy. But sooner or later, we will start to smile, which is maybe how we get to cry for real." – Timothy Morton, All Art is Ecological

What is understood today as an ecology, or better, ecologies? How can they be defined; how do they help us move past disciplinary boundaries; and how do we re-negotiate interspecies coexistence accordingly? How may thinking ecologically allow us to navigate through crises?

Exploring new contact points through a variety of mediums, I knock on your skin maps relations between organisms and their respective environments from positions of interconnectedness, interrelations, and interactions. Ranging from critical to pondering references to the current socio-political shifts, the show postures its narrative threads alongside manifold layers of shared exchanges on the subject of ecology. I knock on your skin considers new ways of re-establishing our relation to crisis that might, perhaps, be playful, curious, and exploratory.

The artists include Conor Ackhurst, Gillies Adamson Semple, Ilona Balaga, Anthony Dickenson, Líadáin Éire, Maisie Maris, Guillermo Martinez de Velasco, Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid, Giorgio van Meerwijk, and Camille Yvert. Performance by Rosie Broadhead, Kaivalya Brewerton & Chibuzor Adiele.

The show is curated by Conor Ackhurst, Nimco Kulmiye Hussein, Pia Zeitzen and Dominique Croshaw.

1. Giorgio van Meerwijk

    Untitled (Vitraris Lenera Series Relief) (2021)

    Marble and wood

    2. Giorgio van Meerwijk

      Untitled (Vitraris Lenera Series Relief) (2021)

      Marble, charred wood, seed, dried plants and wooden shelf

      3. Giorgio van Meerwijk

        Untitled (Vitraris Lenera Series Relief) (2021)

        Marble, lavender, frankincense, turmeric tea, resin compound and wooden shelf

        4. Conor Ackhurst

          Double Coupler (2021)

          Marble and scaffolding

          5. Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid

            everything in the world woke up (2022)

            Mixed media

            6. Rosie Broadhead, Kaivalya Brewerton & Chibuzor Adiele

              Extended Synthesis (2022)

              Projection microorganism under microscope and soundscape (20 mins)

              7. Guillermo Martinez de Velasco

                Perfect Timing At The Cicadae-Cicadinetta Spa: New Age Ecosystem For Shy Revolutionaries (2022)

                Sound composition, projection and shower curtain

                8. Gillies Adamson Semple

                  Untitled (5 resonant faces) (2022)

                  Tin, lead and fixings

                  9. Conor Ackhurst

                    Cave of Reflection (2021)

                    Karaoke system, 3 screens

                    Credits: Miranda Remington, Jakob Zabala

                    10. Anthony Dickenson

                      You Are Here (2022)

                      Ink on 115g tracing paper

                      11. Gillies Adamson Semple

                        Collective Audition (Three-Part Harmony configuration) (2022)

                        Organ pipes, speakers and architecture

                        12. Líadáin Éire

                          By Daylight (2022)

                          4:3 Digital Video (12:37 min)

                          13. Maisie Maris

                            Caught but never held (2022)

                            Latex, oasis and rope

                            14. Camille Yvert

                              Crude Sun (2021)

                              LED tube light, ProTanTM lotion, deep tanning oil SPF15, carotene oil, omega 3, temporary Tattoos and citronella essential oil

                              15. Ilona Balaga

                                Killing Time (2022)

                                Wool blanket, ceramics, cardboard cups and energy drink

                                16. Maisie Maris

                                  Flopped on frame (2022)

                                  Silicone on metal frame

                                  17. Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid

                                    laurel 01 (2022)

                                    Inkjet print on somerset paper, aluminium

                                    18. Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid

                                      laurel 02 (2022)

                                      Inkjet print on somerset paper, aluminium

                                      19. Maisie Maris

                                        Ripple (2022)

                                        Jesmonite, fabric and earthwool

                                        20. Giorgio van Meerwijk

                                          Untitled (Vitraris Lenera Series Relief) (2021)

                                          Granite and wood

                                          21. Giorgio van Meerwijk

                                            Untitled (2022)

                                            Ceramic mosaic on wood and acrylic compound